Elizabeth Aro Galerie Gagliardi

I try to explore through my installations and objects the poetic space and alternative modes of perception of culture and society. In the last years, I had to assert myself in more and more areas and never wanted to be associated solely with one medium. I decide on the medium depending on the context and the project. My work proposes an intuitive journey through the geography of emotions, beginning with the first huge pulse of the essential engine, the heart, and which branches throughout the entire series of sculptures. The association with the actual reality and memories is the underlying motive in my work. By combining images from my own life and diferents inspirations the reality becomes tangible in images. The human figure is also central in my photos. Being interested in the psychological and emotional relationship of human beings with their environment, I explore the different ways architectural surroundings influence the spectator - both mentally and physically: intervening or integrating. I create interdisciplinary media installation in gallery context and public spaces including installations photos, drawings and video.